Thunderbeard Outdoor Restoration Organization is helping sponsor one of our team members, Brandon Zarichnak, as he completes the 3,000 km Te Araroa trek across the north and south islands of New Zealand on behalf of Water for People.  Check out his statement below, contribute to his cause using the following links, and stay tuned for his mission updates on our social media pages.  While on the south island in 2017, Brandon will also complete a park management overview of UNESCO World Heritage listed Te Wahipounamu on behalf of TORO.

Howdy! Thanks for dropping in. The Mountain Shack Murses include myself, Brandon, and my good friend and fellow NICU nurse Dakota. We met on a life altering medical mission trip to Nicaragua a few years back. In the barrio of Nicaragua, things such as pots and pans, floors in a house, a roof that didn’t leak, and clean water were called luxuries to the families of 10-12 that lived in a 15’-15’ home. CLEAN WATER. Something essential to life that most of us are lucky enough not to think twice about. 1.8 billion people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. This is absurd to us, and we are hiking in order to help the good people of ‘Water for People’ change that. ‘Water for People’ aids countries all over the world like Nicaragua where people are currently struggling to maintain a dependable clean water source. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, and it has become a very special place to us. On our mission trips, we worked in medical clinics in the poorest parts of towns called the barrio. We were dramatically affected by the people and the living conditions, and it pains us we are only able to help for the duration of the mission trip. We are going to through hike the 1,898 mile Te Araroa trail that runs the entire length of New Zealand. With every step and every mile of this 4 month plus journey, we will be hiking for people in need all over the world. We are so grateful and ecstatic to have this opportunity to do some good while doing something we love. Please help us enable people all over the world have access to healthcare and life dependent clean water. When we all come together, any amount can have a significant impact to help people all over the world. Many, many thanks to you all.

Praise Up!
— The Mountain Shack Murses.

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